Our Practice

Competition Law/Antitrust

Our practice in Competition Law/Antitrust has been widely recognized as one of the best in Brazil for the past two decades. We have been lead counsel on several of Brazil’s most significant matters, in the past and in the present.

Our experience comprises complex matters involving the digital economy (Internet, software, cloud computing, etc), the interface between IP and Antitrust, and traditional antitrust investigations in mature industries (mining, steel-making, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, etc).

Our services include:

  • Notification of mergers for review.
  • Filing of interventions by interested parties to oppose mergers.
  • Representation of defendants or complainants in antitrust investigations.
  • Representation of parties in judicial review of administrative decisions.
  • Negotiation of Settlement Agreements (TCC) and Leniency Agreements Assistance to draft, implement and train collaborators on antitrust compliance programs.
  • Assessment of commercial practices to identify risks and promote compliance with Competition Law/Antitrust rules.
Regulation of Technology and Telecommunications

Companies operating in industries subject to government regulation often need specialized legal assistance from professionals capable of navigating a complex legal framework that directly impacts their activities.   

We assist clients in dealing with regulation of telecommunications and of new technologies (e.g. blockchain, open banking, urban mobility, cloud computing), providing safe and creative solutions for matters involving government intervention.   

Our services include:

  • Legal representation of companies in government investigations.
  • Legal representation of companies in seeking judicial review of regulatory agencies’ decisions and regulations.
  • Strategic assistance to advise companies in preparing papers and submissions in the context of public consultations/hearings.
Complex Litigation

Certain legal matters are central for the activities of firms because they concern the core of their business. We offer our clients individually designed strategic assistance required to deal with such matters, devising solutions to overcome obstacles in concrete cases and efficiently solve conflicts with third parties.

Our services include:

  • Strategic assistance for decision making on matters involving Competition Law/Antitrust, Regulatory Law, Data Privacy and International Commercial Law.
  • Litigation before Brazilian Courts, including the Superior Court of Justice and the Federal Supreme Court.
Privacy and Data Protection

We offer creative and efficient solutions for handling data in compliance with the applicable law in a world of permanent technological change and quick-evolving business models.    

Our purpose is assisting our clients to unlock the potential of data, identifying opportunities and using data in lawful, safe and efficient ways.       

Our services include:

  • Assistance to draft, implement and train collaborators on antitrust privacy and data protection compliance programs.
  • Support in data certification proceedings.
  • Assessment of commercial practices to identify risks and promote compliance with the Brazilian General Data Protection Act (LGPD) and other privacy regulations.
  • Litigation before governmental bodies and Courts in matters involving privacy and data protection.
  • Support in drafting and reviewing terms of use and privacy policies.
  • Assistance in crisis management.
Governmental Relations

By monitoring the many legislative and policy proposals being considered by Congress and the Executive Branch, we assist our clients in designing the best strategy to approach Congress and the Executive Branch to present their views on a certain topic, in full compliance with ethical and legal standards provided by the Brazilian and foreign legislations. 

Our Government Relations practice blends our experience with government regulation with our presence in Brasília, the nation’s capital. We offer clients a very experienced team in government relations that is supported by an extremely technical and solid team of lawyers focused on government regulation.

Our services include:

  • Identification of legislation and regulatory proposals considered by Congress and the Executive Branch that may impact our clients’ business.
  • Identification of stakeholders in Congress and the Executive Branch.
  • Assessment of legislation and regulatory proposals to devise work plans based on their potential impacts and our clients’ priorities.
  • Monitoring developments of legislation and regulatory proposals.
  • Assistance to prepare analysis and reports to be submitted to key stakeholders.
Trade Defense

We represent our clients in matters involving the application of safeguards, countervailing measures and antidumping rights by the Ministry of Economy (GTIP, SECEX and SDCOM).

Our services include:

  • Assistance to gather information about trade defense proceedings.
  • Legal representation of companies in trade defense investigations, including dumping and compensatory measures cases.
  • Legal representations of companies in public interest investigations.